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Why Trial Allotment?

The admission procedure for the engineering colleges from the Maharashtra state is conducted by the Office of the Director of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra State. The admission procedure is based ONLY on MH-CET.

This site is designed to help the student in getting to know all the options (the colleges as well as branches) from all over Maharashtra where he/she could possibly get admission with his expected score.

As of now, there are more than 300 engineering colleges in the Maharashtra State. Further, each college has several branches or specializations available. Due to the vast number of the choices and options available to the student, it is very easy to get confused as to what programs (i.e. branch and college) could possibly be available to you. It's a very basic question in the minds of the students or their parents, and on this site, we help them get a realistic answer to that question.
  • The trial allotment is essential for all the students who have appeared for the MH-CET & HSC examinations, and who will be seeking the admission through CAP (Central Allotment Process).
  • With this trial allotment, you can get an idea about the score needed to get the admission in a particular college or a branch.
  • You can also get an idea of all the places where can you get the admission with your expected score.
  • In designing the trial allotment logic, we have taken into account the trends in the rankings of the colleges and branches over the last several years. This is where our experience really comes in handy for you.
  • We have also taken into account the effect of the changes in admission rules on the choices that the other students make, while filling their option forms. This is also an important factor. With this site, you can put to use all the experience that we have accumulated with the admission process over the past several years.


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