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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria for the admission to any engineering college in Maharashtra is as follows
a. Candidate must be Indian national.
b. Candidate must have passed/appeared HSC (XII) or its equivalent examination with English, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as subjects.
c. Candidate must have secured min 50% marks i.e. 150 marks out of 300 marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics added together, for open catagory and min 45% marks i.e. 135 marks out of 300 marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics added together, for reserved catagory
d. Candidate should have scored a nonzero score in MH-CET 2018, in Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics added together.

2. Can we change the University?

Yes, any candidate from Maharashtra is eligible to get an admission to any university in Maharashtra. The university area from where the candidate has appeared for HSC is treated as his/her home university. In each university, 70 % of the seats in each college each branch are only for the home university candidates. Remaining 30 % seats are exclussively of the other university candidates. Hence, when you think of changing the university, you will be treated in 30 % quota as you will have the competition with all the other candidates who wish to change the university.

3. What is the fees structure ?

The fees are decided by the "Shikshn Shulk Samiti". Actually, it is our right to know the exact fees structure for each college, before we fill the option form. The fees can be the deciding factor for deciding the options. But it has been observed that the fees structure is declared after 2 or 3 months. While confirming the admission all the students pay the interim fees with an undertaking that they will pay the difference as and when the fees are finalised by Shikshan Shulka Samiti.

4. How to fill the option form?

The option form consists of 100 options for all rounds. The option is a 12 digit code which contains first four digits as College code,next three digits as Branch code and next digits indicate shift and additional T for TFWS.
These code numbers are given in the college information brochure. e.g. 617724510 : 6177 : Sinhgad college of Engineering, 245: Computer Engineering Branch, 10 : Shift I.
One can give options in any sequence. You can give different branches in same college or same branch in different colleges or any other combination as per your desire.
The options are always checked in the same sequence as you have filled them for the availability of the seat.
Once the seat is available, the remaining options will not be tested. You will be allotted the first available seat.
If you have given some option as the first option, does not increase your chances of getting the admission in college and branch representing that option.
(Your 100 th option will stand above the first option of the next merit candidate).
The allotment is as per the merit number. Unless a seat is allotted to the current merit number by processing the entered options, the next merit number is not processed for allocation.

5. Logic for filling up the option form.

The recommended logic for filling up the option form is as follows:
  • Decide the branch first.
  • Then make a list of colleges having that branch, as per their merit. ( Do not skip any college )
  • Divide these college into A,B,C and D groups as per the information that you have collected about these colleges.
  • Then enter/fill the options of group A colleges and the branch that you have decided.
  • After this you can use the same group of colleges and think of the next branch that you want
  • You can pick up the next group of colleges and continue with the same branch.
    Though we are required to give only 20 options make a list of atleast 50 options.
  • Omit the top options, which are definitely not available to you.
  • Omit the colleges which you do not want.
  • Finalise 20 options.

6. Does the option position matter in the process?

The position of the option does matter in your form. If you are alloted option no 11 and then options from 12 onwards will not be tested. Now if you think that you option 15 is actually better, NO ONE CAN HELP. You should have put option 15 before 12.
But some option you have given at position 8 and someone else has given it at position 2, then it has no consideration. The only consideration is the relative merit among you.

Actually your 20 th option also stands above the first option of all the students who are after you in the meritlist.

7. Risk involved in the giving wrong option sequence.

As We have seen, the once a particular choice is alloted, the remaining will not be tested. We do not get a chance to chose the best among the available. Hence the sequence matters. There is no correction at the later stage.


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