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Rules of the Admission Procedure


General Information and Seat Allocation Calculations

1. There will be only three rounds (Last year there were Four Rounds with Float,Slide and Freeze options)

2. The admission is determined by the marks obtained in the MHCET only, for State Quota and on JEE(Mains) for All India Quota

3. No weightage is given to the marks obtained in the HSC examination. The HSC marks are used only for fulfilling the basic eligibility requirement. The basic eligibility requirement, essentially, is the following: For open category candidates, a minimum of 50% marks are required in the three HSC subjects of Physics + Chemistry + Maths, all taken together. For the reservation category candidates, the minimum percentage applicable is 45%.

4. The division of the seats is as follows:
For example, if there is an intake of 60 seats in a particular college for a particular branch.
- Then, 20% of these total seats are alloted under the management quota; they would be filled by the respective colleges by setting their own criteria (provided, of course, that the basic eligibility requirement is fulfilled by the candidate).
- Thus, there will be only 48 seats left for the Centralized Admission Procedure (or CAP for short).
- 15% of these CAP seats are allocated to the JEE(Mains) students; they will be filled as per the JEE (Mains) scores.
- Thus, in our current example, 9 seats would be allocated to the JEE (Mains) candidates, and so, only 39 seats will remain available to the MHCET candidates.
These MHCET seats will be further subdivided into two categories:
(i) the students coming from the Home University region, and
(ii) the students coming from the Other University regions.
The percentages given to these two categories are 70% and 30%, respectively.

Then, again, the reservation of 50% will be applied in each of the Home University and the Other University categories and, finally, within each subcategory, 30% seats are further reserved for the female candidates.

Thus, what our example works out to, is the following:

Total Seats 60    
Management Quota (20%) 12    
ALL India Quota(JEE (Mains))(15%) 9    
Seats available for MHCET 39    
Home University (70%) 27-28 Other University (30%) 11-12
HU Open category candidates (50% of the MHCET seats) 13-14 OU Open category candidates (50% of the MHCET seats) 5-6
HU Reserved category candidates (50% of the MHCET seats) 13-14 OU Reserved category candidates (50% of the MHCET seats) 5-6

So, do not try to calculate your chances of getting admission on the basis of the total intake capacity. ... Instead, please check how many seats remain available to YOU---i.e., in YOUR SPECIFIC case, in a specific college, and for a specific branch!


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